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A post nobody wants but me

I think there's a flaw in the way that pagans and witches look at asatro and the forn sed. Personally I think it's disrespectul, first of all, to worship both the hellenic gods and the norse ones as it's factually incorrect that the two can exist at the same time. You see the world can't both be made out of the giant Ymirs flesh, blood and hair and still have been created by the union between Gaia and Uranus.

I think that there's a fault in the way witches use runes for divination. Imagine if you will a language that you use, like english, where all the vowels are stripped away and in the centuries after that languages death the people that live there thing that you apply meaning to the letters you use. Imagine your decendants thinking that the letter K has a grander meaning and a connection to gods because we use it as a shortened version of the work "okay". The Eddas tell that Oden learned magic from runes carved of tree, true, but isn't language magic? I think that Oden learned language and the written word from the tree.

I think that the nine worlds are connected. That there is little seperation between them just like there's vague seperations between France and Spain. The Eddas do tell us that the border between the land of the Asar and the Jotten is just a flimsy river named Ifing.

I think the Asar and Vanar are not Gods. I think that they're not imortal, that they don't have deific designations, that they aren't like God or like Zeuz. Oden is the god of knowledge not because he's unkillable and the embodyment of knowledge, he was most likely prayed to to share his knowledge, knowledge that he aquired from travels and conversations. Tor isn't the god of thunder because he's unkillable or because he creates lightning or the thunder, it's his job and his duty to but he isn't the embodyment of it. Balder isn't a god of love, happyness and so on, he was a lovely man that made people around him feel those things and with prayer people could invite him to their house, to share with them his brightness.

I think that the world of gods, jotten and the dead is our world but that like the faywild it's hidden, that you can find it for a moment in liminal places where the veil is weak or a bridge leads in. I think that the Bifrost is a rainbow and that in the time when the worlds shake from the quivvers of Yggdrasill and Fenrirs bounds are broken a brilliant rainbow will shine for the last time until Surts fire burns out.

I think a lot of things but I rarely speak.

So we got so mad at big brother that we (mostly lime) started drawing up a better bb house

gonna end up stealing this blog lol

roxy n rii are prolly taken

might check for my handle but fuck it lol

might as well snatch this one

June this June dat

anyways Dave bought John a binder and his friends are supportive as fuck

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you'll be missed! i don't have the other sites to continue to follow but you always seemed to be a nice person. hope everything goes well for you

thank you! i hope this sites continues to grow as well and that the future treats yall on here well!

i wont be active on here much, follow me on tumblr (limelocked) where i reblog hermitcraft and minecraft content or follow me on byte (ramseysystem) if you want more content from me

if i have anything else for the pridelang ill post it here but otherwise im pretty much done on this site for now

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im gonna say it. this website has been even worse about art than tumblr. maybe its just because nobody wants to interact with me after my epic meltdowns months ago but seriously fuck this

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same mood dude

fungus asked:

hey can i send you some wordsssss if sooooo





ill be honest i started on these and got major stuck so i left them for a While then forgot to save it when i resarted my computer but ill come back to these after ive taken a nap and see if i can jiggle them into some word





I think it’s highly emblematic of the American system that in a trial that should be run independently towards an authoritarian country leader the bipartisan congress is allowed to vote on if witnesses are allowed to be used

imagine the accused stands for murder and all his friends and bribed enemies are allowed vote and say that the eye witnesses that saw the murder first hand, they aren’t allowed to testify in the trial

in other news the uk has now left the eu which will no doubt be a laugh at this years Eurovision Song Contest

so in 2022 VW is set to start selling the I.D. Buzz which is a nostalgia sell harkening back to the VW mini buss aka the hippie van. It's all electric which fits into the memory of the hippie van with the new age want for electric cars and all things considered it doesnt look like shit!

VW says they're planning on it first being a commercial car (sold to companies like taxi firms or ride hailing buisiness like uber or lyft) but i will end up buying a buss instead of an apartment cuz im actually really hyped over this, a few months ago i was bemoaning how there werent any good mini busses around because i really like the idea of adding a bed and some storage in it to make it always campable inside the buss and all the ones i looked at were either like school busses, SUVs with a little extra space or the old VW mini buss


my daughter

i love her

Byte is out

closer than ever, it's 100 seconds to midnight

suddenly your asshole uncle that thinks his generation had it worse can justifiably be kicked in the nose

zefram, an oc i just made for a chat on parp and then never got to play

Something I don’t understand at all is why people get mad about white people coming back from vacations with braided hair

i can understand the cultural insensitivity if not for the fact that it’s a service provided usually by independent low wage workers spreading their craft, it’s not booked by hotels from what I know and I don’t think I’ve known anyone to go and seek out a barber/hair stylist to do it

please if I’m obviously wrong send a message but as far as I know it’s women braiding kids hair and not the kids or parents fault that the service is provided

I have almost 300 followers

how many are inactive? Only god thell knows

i want to and probably need to go back to school

im thinking of taking engineering dunno civil or mechanical but that feels like the next thing id go for but im so fucking frightened of school now because i dont learn like schools teach and i dont know how to learn well so ill just end up wasting money

not to mention that the last thing i was super sure about learning i finished and it almost killed my interest in the thing fully

oh the tag is pluralfall lmao

bystander asked:

ooh on that words thing!! how about verbatim or bystander?

bystander is a person who is present at but doesnt take part in an activity

red - rà
blood(rà'ù) - bond(ràùk) - group(rùkjí) - [person] (rjù)

orange - ná
fire(nárà) - coal(ngùr) - industry(ngáù) - schedule(nùr) - [event] (nàr)

reflection/water - mukù
water(mukù) - nature(klùí) - calm(klù'á) - hopelessness*(klùxá) - [inaction] (lùxá)

bystander - njàxù

verbatim is to repeat something with the same words as were used the first time they were used

person - rjù
language(kjùkù) - [spoken word](jù'ù)

yellow - kí
sun(kí'á) - star(kiá) - earth(kiùkiù) - year(kíákù) - rotation(kíká) - [repetition](kínà)

year - kíákù
rotation(kíká) - [consistency](kákjì)

verbatim - jù'íkjì

i have so many words now you dont even know, i started with 12 colors and some more equaling to 20 words

polyglott tells me i now have 57

*i dont actually know the english word for the concept but the idea of calm or numbness in an overwhelmingly negative situation