im lime

lets list of some ThingsTM


non dysphoric trans guy, some kind of ace, pan enthusiast, 20, an idiot, philanfropist which is a fancy word for knowing many surface level things about many subjects, debatably an artist, funnyman, sweden with a california boyfriend, flag critic, confused handbag and the creator and manager of a language

i post about inconsistent stuff and tag just as consistently if not asked to tag

these are the tags i will always tag or try to:

#shitpost #pridelang #serious #nsfw/#sex mention

send me an ask if you want something tagged

other blogs are:

satin - inconsistent art

classpects - inconsistent classpect analasys

proud - blog that i thought id use to put all my conlang stuff on but then i became a language nerd on main

open - where i post words and other that are open

kofi - kofi